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In this section we going to see how to create Skelta Web Application with Smart Skelta Starter Kit Template. If you want to create a web application for Skelta,then we need to copy some files to project folder and we have to follow thirteen steps as per skelta developer guide to make our project to run without any resource scary error but it's taking long time from a developer to prepare a web application to run but now Smart Skelta Starter resolved this issue and it will increase the developers productivity because it's not only creating Project and it also has item templates to add web forms like Workflow Initiator form, Action Form(Invoke form's custom ASPX) etc., and skelta components like Skelta BAM,Calendar etc.,

Do the following steps to create a Skelta Web Application in Visual Studio 2008 with Smart Starter Kit.
  • Open the Visual Studio 2008
  • Go to File ->New -> Web Site
  • It will shows the project dialog,here you can able to find out a new project item called Skelta Web Application
  • Select the Skelta Web Application and Enter your Web Site name then Click OK button.
  • Now Starter Kit will start deploy all required items to project folder.
  • Once the required items are deployed, check your web application from Solution Explorer.
  • Now check the Web.config,there you can find that all required references included in this file.
Adding Item Templates to Web Site
  • Right Click on Web Site Project from Solution Explorer then click on New Item.
  • It shows the project dialog,here you can able to see Skelta related web forms and user controls item template.
  • Select the Workflow Initiator From to add into your web site then enter your file name finally click on OK button.
  • Once you click on OK the selected item will added into current project with required things check it for workflow initiator from.
Web Form
Code behind
  • Repeat above steps to add multiple items to current/selected project.

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