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Project Description
Smart Skelta Utilies will provide utilties like Visual Studio 2008 Skelta Starter Kit(Project Templates and Project Item Templates),Code Snippets for Skelta Components,Skleta Attachment Extracter Web based Logger,Skelta Server utility and others for skelta based development.

My Blog:
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Smart Starter Kit:

This Starter kit contains two Project Templates and thirty Item Templates.
Project Templates
1) Skelta Web Application(creating skelta web application)
2) Skelta Library(creating Skelta add-ins,custom activities and SOA)

Item Templates
All thirty two Item templates are can be used in above two projects.

Smart Starter Kit Installation
How to Create Skelta Web Application? and its features
Skelta Web Application

How to Create Skelta Library? and its features
Skelta Library

Please send to your feed backs to or put comment on this page to improvise the Starter Kit

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